The Panel must publish its statutory reports and the responses it receives from the Commissioner.

Our statutory reports relate to:-

  • Panel review of the Police and Crime Plan (and any variations to it)
  • Panel review of the Commissioner’s Annual Report
  • Panel recommendation on the Commissioner’s proposed Precept (the part of the Council Tax bill that subsidies policing in your area)
  • Confirmation hearings held for key staff appointments

Panel response to Key Staff Appointments

Confirmatory hearing – Chief Constable Andy Marsh

Panel Precept recommendations

Precept report 1st February 18


Panel Annual Report

Annual Report 2017~18


Commissioner’s Annual report 
Panel Response to PCC Annual Report 15~16

PCC Response to Panel recommendations

Panel response to Annual report 17~18

PCC response to Panel recommendations 17~18


Police and Crime Plan 2016/21

PCC response to panel recommendations October 2016

Panel report on variation to the plan 13th December 2017


Budget/Funding 2017
The Tipping Point – argument for additional funding for Policing

Response from the Minister for Policing and Fire 

Commissioner and Chief Constable Joint Letter to the Minister

Panel letter in support of additional funding

Home Office response

Jacob Rees Mogg MP – letter of support

Panel Core Documents

Panel Arrangements – updated/requires approval
Panel Rules of Procedure – Rules of Procedure
Panel Complaints Protocol – Complaints Protocol
Panel Mid-Term Vacancy Protocol – requires approval

Additional reports

Panel response to Neighbourhood Review